Youth Thank President Obama for Rejecting Keystone XL

Keystone XL Rejected

Two weeks ago, President Obama took a major stand in the fight against climate change with his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. As the Paris Climate Talks approach, the President’s rejection of Keystone is sending a bold message to the world that the United States is ready to take action on climate change.

On behalf of 458 young people across the country who signed on, we are sending a thank-you letter to the President for rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline.

At ACE, we wanted to give young people a simple, yet powerful chance to say thank you. We invited youth around the country to sign a thank-you letter to the President for taking a courageous step to protect young people and future generations. On behalf of 458 young people across the country who signed on, we are sending this thank-you letter to the White House today.

Obama Thank You Letter Meme

Dear President Obama,

As young people across the country who are concerned about climate change, we want to thank you for taking bold action and rejecting the Keystone XL oil pipeline. We are inspired by your leadership.

Our generation has the most to lose from climate change and the most to gain by fighting it. We want the United States to be a global leader in solving this problem, which means investing in clean energy, not more dirty fossil fuels. Rejecting Keystone XL is a big step forward.

Thank you for standing up for our future.

As the President prepares to travel to Paris for COP21 in less than two weeks, we hope he continues to hear the message that young people are watching him and counting on him to protect their future.


Josh Walker

Josh is the Associate Director of Marketing and Technology at ACE. Josh has experience as an environmental educator and community organizer. He is a locavore and tiny house enthusiast. He lives in Sebastopol, CA with his wife, Anna, and their kale-loving dog, Otto.

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