Students Present The Wake Up Call: Time to Act on Climate Change!

Muse Video, a TV show and online platform within the Media Enterprise Alliance in Oakland, California, brings together the world of music and current events. The students recently created an animation to bring attention to the problem of global warming and encourage action. They were also featured on PBS NewsHour Extra, including a short video with student interviews about climate change.

Muse Video is proud to present an animated video project 5 months in the making, The Wake Up Call: Time to ACT on Climate Change.

The MetWest High School student interns have been hard at work designing scenes and character sketches for the piece and bringing them to life through animation. In the video, they give ways to decrease your carbon footprint, but it is also important to join the social movement and learn about other things that you can do to help save the planet.

They hope that this project will be eye-opening for other young people and inspire them to act on this critical issue. Check out the video below: