Stepping Up: Community of Climate Action

Liza Speaks at the Cape Wind Rally
Liza Speaks at the Cape Wind Rally

Liza Sockwell is an ACE Action Fellow in New England. Below you can read about her experience attending the Divestment Day Rally and Save Cape Wind Rally in Boston.

The best part about going to climate change events is meeting the people who attend them.

I realized this through participating in two recent events: a Global Day of Action for Divestment from fossil fuels on February 12th, and two weeks later when I joined the rally on Boston Common to Save Cape Wind--which could be the nation’s first offshore wind farm, but it has been blocked for fourteen years.

At the both events I was surprised at how friendly the people were. There was an electric positivity that was unique and unlike any other group of people I have encountered in in my life. People at these rallies want to make change because they genuinely care about the Earth and other beings. They are accepting and want your support, no matter your age, gender, race, or background.

Liza Speaks at the Rally

On Divestment Day, mothers, priests, peace activists, college grads, scientists, and high schoolers all came together at the statehouse in Boston. We were there to raise our voices and lobby our representatives to divest Massachusetts’ pension funds from fossil fuels. And we were united around the core democratic, American belief that the people have the power to enact change.

We have seen this before in the Women’s Rights Movement lead by Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, and the African American Civil Rights Movement lead by Martin Luther King, Jr. This spirit and voice for justice and equality is part of our identity. These historic heroes resonated in my heart as the speakers of today gave voice to the struggle to fight climate change and the dangerous impacts that threaten the survival of the human race.

Though climate change can seem bleak and insurmountable, it is these rallies and events that pick us back up and make us get involved. At the rally on the Boston Common I became friends with girls from Concord Academy, talked in Spanish with a boy from Northeastern, got peoples' numbers, and exchanged stories about our work to raise awareness of climate change.

I felt part of a greater whole and, for me, that is the best feeling in the world. At the end of both Divestment Day and the Cape Wind Rally, I was left deeply satisfied, but furthermore, invigorated and inspired by all the people I met.

More events, conferences, and rallies are coming up all the time! There is a community of climate action, and we want you to step up and join us!