Shifting Power in the Carolinas

Hey hey! Just last weekend I was down in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at Carolinas Power Shift, one of the 11 youth climate change summits taking place around the country this month. I can now proudly tell you that there are some AMAZING youth climate leaders in North and South Carolina!!

Check out this video to get a feel for where they all came from and what they care about:

Carolinas Power Shift!

Not only are there college students stepping up and taking action, but during my week traveling around to North Carolina high schools,  I also met some INSPIRING high school students!

I visited schools in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and Stokes County and at each school, I was BLOWN AWAY by the young leaders I met.

Listen to Eliza Oldac of Chapel Hill High School's Green Tigers club talk about why she cares about climate change and the work she's doing to protect her generation's future:

Climate Hero: Eliza Oldac

Makes you wanna get out there and start changing the world too, doesn't it?

Rouwenna Lamm

Rouwenna Lamm is ACE’s National Program Director. She was a founding member of ACE’s New England team in 2009. She’s educated 67,000 students, trained 1,000 youth leaders, and built numerous ACE regional staff teams. Today, Rouwenna directs ACE’s regional programs and is focused on maximizing the collective impact of ACE’s programs. She loves playing outside and relaxing with friends.