Put a Cap on it !?!

A new rule has just took effect last month...its called the "New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule". Well the purpose of this is to reduce the tons of carbon and heat-trapping gases being released by all of our factories. This rule will effect 1,200 factories, excluding the agriculture sites which were excused from this rule by a directive from Congress...

Any factory that releases more than 25,000 tons of ghg's a year has to report their pollution. Unless, that is, a factory produces less than 25,000 tons in 5yrs or less than 15,000 tons in 3yrs. This rule can't make companies stop releasing all these gases but they can pressure them to stop or reduce and change their behavior.

Once they collect all the data (by March of 2011) about how much earth-heating gas each company releases, they will announce it to the public. The plan is to get public support and have the company's name everywhere saying "So and so has released X tons of gas over the past year."

Hopefully then people will fell the pressure to reduce the carbon they release up into the atmosphere. This will also help other policy makers who need more information to design climate action plans.

The other rule that has been active since 1990 is the "Toxic Rule." This rule helps regulate 184 toxics released by factories. The only difference between the two rules would be how they affect the air. Toxics only directly impact regions while carbon can be more serious because it effects more area for longer periods of time.

Although the New Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule has a start on stopping harmful gases, our country still needs to work on a few things! It's not just gases from factories that make stuff, what about all the coal, oil, and natural gas being extracted?!? They also have to deal with plenty of lawsuits from opposing companies.

Just look forward to March of 2011. Be a part of the public support!! Take action because our future depends on it!!

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