Zach Garcia



Zach is from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, and attends Seneca Valley Senior High School. In addition to being a founding member of Seneca Valley’s FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, he is also involved in Pennsylvania Youth and Government, Global Leadership Club, Academic Games, and the Seneca Valley Marching Band. He hopes to study aerospace engineering and go on to help make human life multiplanetary. Going into his senior year, Zach knew he wanted to be more involved in climate action because the effects of climate change are only becoming more obvious and terrible, so he joined the Fellowship and is continuing to push his School Board to pass a Climate Action Resolution. 

Zach first became interested in climate change by learning about Tesla and their mission to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy. Seeing more and more electric cars on the road as time goes on gives Zach hope for a bright future. He finds renewable energy to be the most exciting aspect of climate action because there are copious economic benefits in addition to the environmental ones. Additionally, he has always been interested in technology which supports his interest in renewable energy. Zach greatly enjoys learning about and sharing his passion for rockets and electric cars and is always willing to discuss those topics.