North Carolina Fellow Xintong Xiang (1)

Xintong Xiang

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Xintong Xiang is from Chapel Hill, NC, and is a junior at the NC School of Science and Mathematics. Climate change problems are very important to her as she has lived in big cities in China and around the US, and has personally seen the effects of climate change on communities and species diversity. Fighting for renewable energy and pushing for a political change in how environmental issues are dealt with are the most interesting aspects of climate action to her. The science and technology behind potential long-term and short-term solutions for renewable energy are especially intriguing to her.

It is extremely important for young people to be involved in activism for climate change issues because not only are youth the most influential age group in the world due to their fearless nature and unity, your youth is probably the best time period in life to fight for something important. Honestly, there is only a small window of time between adolescence and adulthood when people aren’t totally obsessed with themselves and their state of life, and also have the time to be truly devoted to something they care about.

Outside of school, Xintong plays a lot of Ultimate Frisbee for both her high-school and club teams. She is also involved in various academic clubs, such as Science Olympiad and Technology Student Association. She is currently competing in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation with her group; they are seeking to invent something that will solve a crucial problem in the world and market it to potential investors.