Tori Lucchesi Headshot

Tori Lucchesi

Action Fellow


Tori is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His interests include theatre, art, music, LGBTQ+ issues, and having fun with friends. He decided to join the fellowship because he believes the issues they’re discussing are very important. He first got interested in climate change from all of the powerful natural (and man-made) disasters that have been occurring throughout the past few years, and the fact that if we don’t do anything about this issue in the next 10 years, we will experience even worse impacts from climate change than we have already experienced. This is also why he believes it is such an important issue. 

Tori believes that it is crucial that young people get involved with the climate change fight because we are the generations that are going to be the most impacted. Young people may not have started this fight, but they will be he main people to see the end of it. No matter what the outcome may be, we might as well make it the best outcome it can be. He hopes that with the power of ACE, the US, and the entire world, we can do everything we can to stop the worst of climate change from happening.