Suryaa Murali

Action Fellow Alumni

San Francisco Bay Area

Suryaa is a first year student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His passion for environmental sustainability stemmed from joining various environmental organizations and his Facebook News Feed, which is also why he applied to be an ACE Action Fellow! Climate change is increasingly becoming more than just an environmental issue; it’s changing the world as we know it socially, politically, technologically, etc. for the worse. This generation needs to know about climate change and how to advocate against it.

Look around you and think about how California’s in a huge drought, air pollution is the leading cause of issues in many developing countries, and we’re told that we only have 15 years until it becomes worse enough to not be able to change anything. That’s why ACE is a great outlet and opportunity for Suryaa and many others to advocate against climate change and really gain the skills to take action. Climate change affects every single organism on our planet, including you and your friends in some other country. By doing simple things such as walking to school, limiting your water and electricity usage, and by using reusable water bottles, we can all save the balance of Earth and help future generations out!

Outside of ACE, Suryaa is a part of his high school’s Eco Club and Green Advisory, through which he plans to promote environmental sustainability. He’s also a big tech enthusiast!