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Sophie Buchheit

North Carolina Action Fellow

North Carolina

Sophie Buchheit was born in Chapel Hill and is a proud UNC fan. She is currently a senior at East Chapel Hill High School and is excited for the upcoming year with ACE. She feels that it’s our responsibility to recognize that we are not the Earth’s only inhabitants, and that current climate and manufacturing policy endangers ecosystems that keep the planet in check through a delicate balance of cycles. Sophie thinks that it’s especially important for those who are able to, those who have the time, resources, and access, to take a stand against climate change and stand with the communities most affected. She also believes that people need to understand their role in the environment. It doesn’t do anyone any good to deny the consequences of their actions because they feel helpless. That’s one of the reasons she applied to be an ACE Fellow. She wants herself and others to have a voice, through strategies like Relational Voter Turnout, on issues that directly impact them, instead of thinking they’re powerless. Initiatives like ACE allow for a focus on answers within local governments, which are frequently overlooked in the push for climate solutions.

Sophie plays saxophone and piano in her free time, and has been involved in a variety of statewide, regional, and national competitions. She loves to read, anything from the back of a cereal box to Anna Karenina, and play with her brothers. She also enjoys camping and hiking and volunteers to lead groups on trails with the Triangle Land Conservancy to help other people learn to love it too. She likes to bake, although she’s still working on avoiding burning brownies!