Sofia Marquez_MKE Headshot

Sofia Marquez

Action Fellow


Sofia Marquez lives in Waukesha Wisconsin. She attends Pius XI High School in Milwaukee Wisconsin. She is an active student who is dedicated to soccer and cross country and overall is very active outdoors. What first got her interested in climate change was facts and statistics she learned in class years ago. She realized that something had to be done to help the planet and keep it in great condition for her and billions of other people. Climate change is an important issue to Sofia because she wants to be able to live in a place where she doesn’t have to worry about it being gone later. She believes that everyone on this planet should make an effort to keep it healthy, strong, and perfect for us. It was made a perfect planet for every organism created on it, and it should not be destroyed by us.

In today’s society, Sofia believes it’s especially important for young people to take action on preventing climate change because they are the future. We could be the last generation that could make the biggest difference in succeeding for a better future for our planet. We are the ones that will lead the other generations in creating a clean world and environment for all. 

Sofia’s brother is a youth organizer with ACE who also showed her how important it is to take action. He has inspired her and motivated her to take action on helping with the prevention of climate change. Sofia is most excited to get to know every other young Fellow who is inspired to do the same work she wants to accomplish to help the planet. She is excited about how she can make a difference for the planet and how much she will learn from the Fellowship.