Selene S Triangle Fellow

Selene Santiago-Lopez

Action Fellow

North Carolina

Being a woman who identifies as an indigenous Mexican-American, Selene has faced many adversities growing up. Many stereotypes have attached themselves to her like leeches, however, they don’t represent her. At one point, Selene did succumb to those stereotypes, but after entering high school she discovered where her passions lie and what her values are. Selene identifies as an indigenous Mexican American young woman who lives in Wake Forest, NC. She involved herself in a variety of clubs and organizations like Unity Committee, El Pueblo, Freedom School, and Sunrise which advocated for different causes, yet they all had something in common—helping out the community. Outweighing all the stereotypes, looks, chisme (gossip), todo (everything), she’s the girl who has broadened her mind. She’s the girl who has come to a realization that climate change is evident and is affecting the most vulnerable communities. That’s why she continues striving for her aspirations.

Having the opportunity to involve herself in a variety of organizations and programs, Selene has been able to come to an understanding that her generation and the younger generations lack leaders—leaders who won’t turn their backs on the people and will create a spark among people. For that reason, Selene advocates for change and the necessity of involving young people in solving society’s issues. She believes that young people can be the leaders they deserve.