Seeger Gray

Action Fellow


Seeger is a junior at Madison West High School. He was born in New York City, but grew up in Madison. He participates in many extracurriculars, including Future Problem Solvers and Speech and Debate. Outside of school, he enjoys cycling, photography, and cooking.

Seeger was aware of the threat of climate change for most of his life, but learning of the indifference, corruption, and greed of the leadership of the United States made him realize that everyone has to contribute to the effort to protect a sustainable future. He hopes the ACE Action Fellowship will serve as a platform to inform current and future voters of why they should make climate change a major issue in their political decisions, to inspire peers to take action in their communities, and to ensure local and national elected officials are held accountable in the eyes of the public. Seeger believes it is especially important that today’s young people understand the stakes of climate change and the role politics plays in resolving it, because their votes will shape the state’s and the country’s policies. This semester, he is looking forward to meeting and working with other ACE Action Fellowship participants who share his determination to fight for a better world.