Saida Brema_MKE Headshot

Saida Brema

Action Fellow


Saida is originally from a refugee camp in Kenya and migrated to the United States in 2010. Since a young girl, she has always been interested in the environment and the effects humans have on this Earth. She attends Pathways High. While at Pathways, Saida has broadened her knowledge of climate change. She has always been interested in the conservation of freshwater because she grew up in a place where access to freshwater was a huge problem. Saida took a class based on the Great Lakes and humans can help preserve them. Later on, she decided to take learning one step further and is currently taking a college-level Freshwater Science class. She believes climate change is a huge environmental issue that we must take seriously in order for our world to be healthy for future generations. Since her freshman year of high school, Saida has been involved in Model United Nations, a club that discusses global issues. One of the topics that is discussed in Model United Nations is climate change and the effects it has on humans, animals, and vegetation. She believes joining the Fellowship will grant her knowledge that will help her make a bigger and positive impact.