Saaketa Chalasani


North Carolina

Saaketa Chalasani is a 9th grader at Cox Mill High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. In her free time, Saaketa loves going outdoors, reading, watching movies, listening to music, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. She has been a Girl Scout for 9 years, through which she gained her love for the outdoors, which is what inspired her to get involved in advocating for change. Climate change is important to Saaketa because it affects every person on the earth. It is especially important for young people to be involved in the solution to climate change because they are the ones able to make the most change in our world.   

Her passion for justice and her growing interest in climate change is what pushed her to take part in the ACE Fellowship. Through ACE, she hopes she can become a better leader, and learn more about climate change from other activists as well. She is looking forward to participating in the ACE Fellowship so that she can play a bigger role in advocating for climate justice. She is very excited and thankful to have this amazing opportunity!