Rhianna A Triangle Fellowship

Rhianna Absher

Action Fellow

North Carolina

Rhianna attends the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). She is from a rural town called West Jefferson, in the mountains of North Carolina. Her favorite hobbies besides researching and learning more about the environment include playing volleyball, running track, and doing yoga. Rhianna is interested in environmental sciences like ecology, and evolutionary studies, which is where her passion for the environment began. She cares about solving climate change because she wants the amazing world that she lives in to be here for future generations to come. She says that plants and animals that are vital to Earth’s function may not be here anymore if we do not take action, making it crucial to educate everyone about climate change. Her goal is to support systematic change by educating the people around us and electing a legislative body that believes in the current climate crisis. Rhianna believes that the more people that get involved, including younger people like her, the more likely our elected leaders will be willing to make a change for the betterment of our society. To support her passion for justice, she is a member of the club SEEC at her school (Student Environmental Education Coalition) and is an ACE Fellow, which she is so excited to use to help spread awareness about climate change. The aspect of the Fellowship that she is looking forward to the most is the advocacy, which is something that she has wanted to get more involved in since she has grown older.