NY nsilo

Nsilo Mavour

Action Fellow Alumni

New York City

Nsilo is from Brooklyn, NY and is a senior at Brooklyn Technical High School (BTHS). He started taking notice of environmental issues after realizing its connections to human rights and joined the Human Rights Activist Project at Global Kids. There he worked on climate issues, most notably demanding climate education for NYC students in grades K-12. His greatest passion is human rights activism. He believes it’s his duty to fight for the oppressed, and the disenfranchised, and plans on dedicating his life to alleviating the ills these groups face. ┬áHe thinks that some of the most impactful actions he has taken to fight climate change are the protests he has taken part in.

He plans on majoring in International Relations when he gets to college, and with that knowledge go on to alleviate some of the ills international communities face. During his free time he enjoys drawing, reading, debating, and playing music as part of the BTHS Concert Band. He is also Vice President of the Student Political Engagement Awareness and Knowledge Club at his school.