Noah Kopf

Noah Kopf

Action Fellow Alumni

Greater Boston Area

Noah Kopf is a junior at Newton South High School in Newton, Massachusetts.  He is an advocate of sustainable living, local agriculture, and carbon-neutral lifestyles.  Noah became an ACE Action Fellow to connect with other passionate young people, learn how to organize and execute a campaign about climate justice, and make an impact on the local (and global!) community.

When Noah is not working at ACE, you can probably find him on a farm somewhere.  Growing vegetables is not just Noah’s hobby — it’s what keeps him alive (sometimes literally). He is the president of the farm club at his high school and works on several different farms during the summer. In the future, Noah would like to improve the global food system by fostering opportunities to produce and distribute sustainably-grown local food.

Noah also enjoys cooking and baking, especially during the winter.  If you see him holding a large ziploc container, there is a high probability that there is dessert inside.