Nikita Jithani Headshot

Nikita Jethani

Action Fellow


Nikita Jethani was born and raised in Miami, Florida and attends School For Advanced Studies. She’s a full time dual enrollment student, and believes that education is a key component in bringing change, which is exactly why she joined ACE. Nikki feels that educating herself and the people around her about climate change is what will really make a difference and will determine if we have a planet or not going forward. She knows that we are the generation that can bring forth positive environmental change if we take action now! ACE gives young people impacted by climate change a voice and an outlet to express their concerns, which is why it’s such an important organization to Nikki. But the initiative that she’s looking forward to most is getting people to vote! Focusing on strategies like registering new voters and being informed on the many modern day barriers to voting and how we can overcome them is what she believes will really impact legislation and serve as a great climate solution. 

In her free time, Nikki enjoys going to concerts, baking, and filming and editing travel videos. She’s very passionate about law and is President of the Debate Club and Vice President of her Mock Trial team at school. She wants to become a criminal defense attorney in the future and then a congresswoman to enact real change and transform part of our broken criminal justice system.