NC michelle

Michelle Sun

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Michelle Sun currently lives in Cary, North Carolina. She is junior at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. This is her first year as an ACE Action Fellow. Aside from schoolwork, Michelle enjoys running cross country, playing volleyball, and painting in her free time. She also loves traveling and has been visiting and exploring the country’s national parks for the past few years.

After watching An Inconvenient Truth in elementary school and listening to her parents talk about climate change, she became interested in the topic of climate change. She believes that climate change is the greatest issue facing the world right now and it needs to be addressed immediately, yet there are still doubts among the population and elected officials. After following her interests, she took an environmental class, went to a summer workshop at the Environmental Protection Agency, and wrote a research paper on the effect of climate change on a river basin in North Carolina. Michelle is looking forward to learning more about climate change from ACE this year.