Michael Haas

Founder and CEO, Orion Energy Group

Michael is the Founder and CEO of Orion Renewable Energy Group LLC, Co-Founder of RDC Developments Ltd., and the Founder of Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE).

Orion, headquartered in Oakland, CA, was formed in 1998 and became an early pioneer in the development of low cost, utility scale renewable energy. The company specializes in the development, finance, and construction of wind energy projects in the United States. RDC, headquartered in the U.K., was formed in 1997 to help achieve commitments set by the United Kingdom for new alternative energy generation. Wind energy projects developed by Orion and RDC generate enough zero-carbon electricity to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 1,500,000 homes.

Prior to forming Orion and RDC, Michael held executive positions with Kenetech Corporation, and served as an aerodynamicist with the McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Michael received his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, and his Master’s Degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Stanford University. Michael lives in Northern California with his wife and three children. He spends his free time outdoors with his family.