Melody Y

Melody Yuan



Melody is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a junior at Shady Side Academy. She is actively involved in her school’s Service Learning Club, Asian Student Union club, and SSA Newspaper. She is very interested in writing and wishes to spread the message of climate change through her writing. 

She is passionate about climate change because it affects so many different aspects of life that make our different lifestyles possible and if nothing is done, it will have a devastating effect on future generations. Climate change is also important to her because it is not simply an environmental issue – it is a political issue. It unfairly impacts certain groups and she hopes to help amplify their voices and make a difference.

Melody was drawn to ACE’s Action Fellowship program specifically due to community advocacy and being able to connect with other youth that share her ideas. She believes that it is especially important for youth to be involved because they are the future and should hold the most power in climate action. She is most looking forward to being able to learn more about environmental issues and being able to advocate for change in her communities. “