Maya Rabins

Maya Rabins

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Maya Rabins lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a senior at Enloe High School. Maya feels passionate about the problem of climate change because she wants future generations to be able to see the beauty of this planet like she has seen. She feels it is the current generation’s responsibility to take action before it is too late to actually make a change, rather than ignore this problem because it “won’t affect me.”

In her free time, Maya likes to dance. She is involved in the dance company at her school as well as at her dance studio. She loves to hang out by the lake with her friends. Maya loves the French language. She took part in an exchange program to France where she met a lifelong friend.

Maya is very excited to be a part of the ACE Fellowship to learn from the other Fellows and to see what changes we can make as a team during this program. She can’t wait to see how this program will help her grow as a public speaker and leader in her community.