Margot F Triangle Fellow

Margot Francini

Action Fellow

North Carolina

Margot attends The Hawbridge School in Saxapahaw, NC, where she is a member of the mentoring program and volunteering club. This is her third time moving to the Triangle, after having lived near Charlotte, New Jersey, and Italy. When she isn’t busy studying, Margot plays basketball, runs cross country and plays the violin.  Margot loves being outdoors, hiking, and reading in her hammock, all while listening to some good music. Since she was in elementary school, she has wanted to fight climate change through technological innovation, instrumental legislation, and education. Margot believes advocacy for climate justice is crucial in current times, as the devastating impacts of climate change are increasingly causing an unjust burden for so much of society. She hopes to learn how to effectively get other people in her community involved in climate advocacy and conservation, and also wants to help figure out ways to rally support for responsible, informed, environmentalist candidates leading up to elections this November. Margot really looks forward to meeting other high schoolers with similar concerns and aspirations regarding climate action!