Liane Xu (1)

Liane Xu

Action Fellow


Liane Xu is part of the class of 2021 at Winter Park High School in Orlando, Florida. Liane enjoys playing the violin and piano, being on her school’s crew team, and volunteering at her local science center. She also likes to spend time outdoors, whether that be reading a book in her hammock or going on a run, but that time is often taken away by extreme heat and heavy precipitation, both stemming from the problem of climate change. Liane cares about climate change because if the issues are left unsolved, the consequences will negatively impact all future generations. She doesn’t want to see inaction and ignorance lead to coastal cities underwater, the world’s coral reefs bleached, or a decrease in the diversity of the planet’s species. She hopes to play her part in tackling climate change by learning simple ways she can reduce her carbon footprint and encouraging others to do the same. Liane recognizes the importance of public awareness of the impacts of climate change in reaching the goal of creating a sustainable future. Through ACE, she hopes to develop the skills needed to spread knowledge, make her voice heard, and advocate for positive change.