Leilina Headshot

Leilina Patel

Youth Advisory Board


Leilina is a current member of ACE’s Youth Advisory Board based in Gainesville, Florida. She first became involved with ACE in 2020 through the fall fellowship, where she helped register young voters in key states for the presidential election.

Before becoming involved in the climate crisis, Leilina worked on fundraising for Black Lives Matter and the Center for Reproductive Justice, raising over a thousand dollars through her art. Leilina quickly realized that the urgency of the climate crisis coupled with the systemic inaction in the United States meant that it was one of the most important work she could get involved with. Through ACE, she has learned how to effectively hold conversations about climate justice and the intersectional nature of the climate crisis. After completing the fall fellowship, Leilina chose to stay involved by joining the Youth Advisory Board, where she helps provide insight into how ACE can most effectively engage young voters.

Leilina grew up in Orlando, Florida and graduated from Winter Park High School in 2021. She is currently attending the University of Florida pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Political Science, after which she plans to attend law school. In her free time, Leilina loves singing, calligraphy, and learning how to do mendhi, a type of South Asian art through henna.