Laney Allen

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Laney Allen is a senior at Broughton High School who was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She first became interested in climate change when she took AP Environmental Science her junior year, thanks to her wonderful teacher Kelly Mastin.

She learned of the Action Fellowship when the ACE Assembly came to her school and caught her attention. At the end of the presentation, she picked up a Fellowship application, excited for an interesting opportunity to finally make a change in the world.

To Laney, climate change is not only an issue for scientists, but for everyone in the world. It affects the future of every single person on Earth. Laney believes it is especially important for young people to become involved with finding a solution for climate change. Since they are the people who will be running the world in the future, it is up to them to save the Earth.

Laney’s personal goal for the Fellowship is to develop important leadership skills that she can use in the future to not only fight for the environment, but also for other activist movements that she believes in. When she is not at school or working, she likes to listen to music, write, and hang out with her friends.