Kavya Banjaree

Kavya Banarjee



Kavya is a 13-year-old freshman at West Broward High School. As a young climate change believer, she started believing climate change was real in 7th grade. Furthermore, 8th grade helped her to prove it more because she was in a Global Scholar’s class. Once learning that climate change was real, she started researching more about the different issues that are being caused. For example, many issues such as polar bears losing their homes, glaciers melting, heat waves, more catastrophic natural disasters, and many more are occurring due to the issue of climate change. Kavya then started talking to her sisters, family, and friends and started encouraging them to do actions that could help save the Earth and its life. Even though she was one of the few people who were trying to fix the issue, it could impact many people in communities. She also started looking for opportunities to support changes that could save the Earth from climate change. This was where ACE came into her life. ACE is helping her to convince more of her family and friends that climate change is real. As her first year in ACE, she is meeting many new people, friends, and fellows. This also, helped her to portray many new ideas of how climate change could affect the world and how if people worked together, they could defeat the problem. Lastly, she decided that if everyone works together, they can unite and have peace in the world by solving an important issue. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

Kavya has many hobbies, despite having a busy day. Two important hobbies are that she plays the piano and the violin. She admits that she really enjoys the violin a teensy bit more than the piano. Another hobby is that Kavya loves to draw. She can draw many objects and humans. For example, she even drew and painted a bee. Kavya has two sisters, one is a twin sister, the other is an older sister. She loves spending time with her sisters together. She plays duets and triplets with each other on their instruments. One of Kavya’s favorite things to do is to play with her cows. Especially now that she has three baby cows to play with. She enjoys running with them and feeding them. She says that it is relaxing and funny to see them push each other away for more food. Her other favorite thing to do is to eat. Kavya’s favorite food is vanilla ice cream. Many argue that vanilla ice cream is boring, but even though it looks boring, it is one of the tastiest ice cream flavors in the world, in her opinion at least. That’s it about Kavya! Thank you!