Joann Luu


North Carolina

Joann attends Hickory High School in Hickory, NC: a suburb about an hour outside of Charlotte, NC. She is a Kode With Klossy scholar, a member of Key Club and Beta Club, volunteers, and is active in and outside of her school. In her free time, she enjoys watching shows/movies, reading, painting, coding, etc.

Joann has known about climate change for the majority of her life, but she became more interested after taking an environmental class and witnessing the corruption within governments on a national and international scale. Everyone and especially young people, our future, need to take an initiative toward securing a better life for future generations or else detrimental effects will take over. Joann joined the ACE Action Fellowship in hopes to raise awareness surrounding climate issues and meet others who have the same passion. She wants to find more ways STEM/coding/technology can be implemented to create solutions aiding climate and environmental justice. Joann thinks renewable energy should be easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone to use in their daily lives. Through this fellowship, she wants to improve her skills in climate and environmental advocacy, so she can spread her knowledge with others who too will take action and raise awareness.