Jarlenys Mendez

Action Fellow Alumni

New York City

Jarlenys is a sophomore attending Columbia Secondary School. She learned about climate change at a young age and began to have nightmares about its scary effects as a child. She doesn’t have nightmares anymore because she knows that there are tangible solutions to lessen the worst effects of climate change, and she wants to part of making that change happen.

Education was instrumental for Jarlenys in this discovery, coupled with her parents’ helpful coaching that climate change doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. She’s so excited to learn exactly how she can play a bigger role in climate advocacy through the ACE Action Fellowship.

Jarlenys hopes to have an impact on her friends and communities when it comes to climate leadership. She especially hopes to work on her public speaking skills through the Fellowship so that one day she can stand with confidence in front of many to share her words as a climate leader. As a young woman in today’s society, and as a Fellow in this program, she can’t wait to let her voice ring the ears of many people and leave a strong message in all that hear her advocate for greater change on climate.