Jacob Blizard


North Carolina

Jacob is a senior at Mooresville Senior High School in Mooresville, North Carolina. He serves as the president of the Environmental Club and the founder of his school’s Science National Honors Society. He cares about climate change because he believes everyone deserves a sustainable planet to live on and he won’t stay silent when the crisis is reaching its peak. Jacob decided to join the ACE program because he wanted to take my direct action in his community and educate others about the intersectionality of environmental and social injustices. Seeing voter suppression and other forms of oppression inspired him to lead phone-banks for progressive candidates and bring attention to different corruptions people face.

Other than ACE, Jacob works with Sunrise North Carolina to endorse progressive candidates, educate others on the benefits of the Green New Deal, and demand for a safe future before the severity of the climate crisis increases. No one should have to face water shortages, extreme heatwaves, agricultural declines, flooding, etc. In his free time, Jacob likes to hike, explore nature, and venture into sustainable clothing and fashion. He is looking forward to an exciting year of action, appreciation, and community as an ACE Action Fellow.