Jackie Reyes

North Carolina Action Fellow

North Carolina

Jackie Reyes lives in Mebane, North Carolina and is a senior at Cedar Ridge High School. Her love and appreciation for the environment is greatly attributed to her grandfather who was born and raised in a small village in Oaxaca, Mexico. As a young girl, participating in iWalk the Eno Science & Nature Summer Camp and a program sponsored by UNC-CH called YSEP (Youth Science Enrichment Program), sparked her interest in science. During her freshman and sophomore year, Jackie had the opportunity to be a part of the NC IDEA Program. Through the IDEA Program, she learned about water quality, geoscience, and climate justice. Then afterward she joined Climate LEAP, which furthered her knowledge of climate justice and the effects climate change has on our communities and on the world.

The outlook of these programs made Jackie more aware of what is going on with our planet and that there has to be something done before it is too late. These experiences instilled in her the importance of standing up for what you believe in and working towards the change we wish to see. It is important for young people to become involved because everything that we do now will impact our future and we will be the ones who suffer the consequences of the generations who have come before us. Jackie is beyond excited for the opportunity to work with people who are just as passionate about the environment and climate justice as she is.

During her free time, Jackie enjoys volunteering with the Eno River Association, her IB Biology labs, going hiking with friends and family, going to Turtle Cove on the Eno, and spending time with her dog Bella.