Isabella Toberman



Isa is from Janesville, Wisconsin, and is apart of the Dane county ACE fellowship. She goes to Parker High School and is a rising senior for the year 2020-2021. Other than climate education, Isa is interested the in the arts, band, soccer, many clubs, and honors societies! She spends most of her time training for soccer and, when she is not doing that she is either on her drawing tablet or educating herself on various subjects.

Isa has loved science her whole life and when she learned about environmental science from a class, it helped pique her interest in environmental justice. She is thankful to her teacher, Ms Lee, for inspiring her to dedicate her life’s work to climate education, justice, and more. Isa realized how badly she wanted to fight for the people of this planet and for the planet itself.  Isa feels as if her generation doesn’t make a change, no one else will so she has stepped up to become that change and fight for the environment and for its people. Isabella is so excited to be part of ACE Action Fellowship and hopes for many opportunities to better the world!