NC isa

Isa van der Drift

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Isa van der Drift lives in Efland, North Carolina, and is a junior at Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough. She participates in Model UN, student government, and loves running. She is passionate about climate change because she sees it not only as an environmental issue, but also as a health issue, which is something that she feels strongly about. As someone who is really interested in public health policy, Isa sees climate change as a cause for many public health crises, which is why she hopes to fight climate change with the help of ACE.

Isa got started with fighting climate change when she joined her school’s Environmental Club, and she got involved with ACE when Greta Moore gave the ACE Assembly at her school for Earth Day. Isa attended the North Carolina Climate Justice Summit that ACE hosted this past November, and has been involved in many activities with ACE and her school’s club, such as fundraising, retrofitting houses, and going on hikes. Isa has worked with her school’s environmental club during “Earth Day week” to give students more information about climate change, as well as little things they can do to help stop it. As an ACE Fellow, Isa hopes to educate other students at her school about what they can do to fight climate change, and hopes to make an impact on North Carolina policy regarding environmental concerns.