NC fred

Fredrick Dunston

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Fredrick Dunston lives in Youngsville, North Carolina and is a senior at the Franklin County Early College High School in Louisburg, North Carolina. He has interests in software programming, running and newer, more efficient cars (especially Tesla Motors’ vehicles). He cares about climate change for many reasons. He knows that we are not the final generations of life on this planet, so fighting climate change will reduce the health risks for the future generations. They should not have to suffer the consequence for something that earlier generations have done. In addition, he knows that the Earth is a beautiful place to live and he want to inform others about it. He does not want others to destroy the planet not knowing its true beauty until it’s destroyed. He also knows that there are ways that climate change can affect everyone and everything in some way.

Fredrick has a goal of trying to inform as many people as possible about climate change in a respectable way and to improve his leadership skills to lead those who may or may not care about climate change. He also has a goal to inform others on how to fight climate change, without making a complete overhaul in the lifestyle that they live, or even by making their lives better. He has a desire to show others that the eco-friendly lifestyle is not as bad as some say or as bad as it may look.