Enoch Cheung

Action Fellow Alumni

North Carolina

Enoch lives in Cary, North Carolina and is a junior at Raleigh Charter High School. He is a member of the school’s track team and enjoys running competitively all throughout the year. In his free time he likes to listen to music, ride his longboard, and take pictures.

Enoch loves being in the outdoors and believes that everyone should be able to enjoy nature, undisturbed by the impacts of humans. Because of this, he is driven to keep the Earth a beautiful and sustainable place. He believes that because the planet provides humans with resources that are essential to civilization and society, it is the responsibility of humans to respect and care for the earth, ensuring that we can continue to have resources for many, many years to come.

The subject of clean, renewable energy excites Enoch because it would be a long-term solution and allow humans to live a less impactful lifestyle. He hopes to learn a lot more about this and many other aspects of climate action through the Fellowship.