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Emma Stevens



Emma “Steve”  Stevens is a student at Wauwatosa East High School, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Emma can usually be found rock climbing at the Adventure Rock gym or reading a good book in a tree, and enjoys volunteering with the Ice Age Trail Alliance and Urban Ecology Center.  Most at home in the outdoors, Emma’s favorite activities include camping, hiking, kayaking, etc., and if given the choice, would rather spend the day at one of our National Parks.

It was in America’s National Parks that Emma first witnessed the effects of Climate Change – though has since learned to recognize them all around us – and is appalled knowing what the world’s future generations will inherit if leaders refuse to confront the Climate Emergency with meaningful action.  As a young person who will have to live with the consequences of how we impact Earth’s climate, Emma is extremely concerned about the ramifications of this crisis and refuses to be a bystander and allow those who don’t care about the planet to dictate its future.  Through this conviction, Emma has taken action against the Climate Crisis by emailing Wisconsin representatives and policymakers on a weekly basis, by organizing climate strikes, and by working with Sierra Club, 350 Milwaukee, and the Wauwatosa Sustainability Committee.

As an ACE Action Fellow, Emma hopes to connect with like-minded youth who share this passion and take advantage of the incredible resources ACE offers students: The ability to reach those with the power to influence climate legislation, to move forward with campaigns, and to truly make a difference.  As youth, Emma feels, it is our right and responsibility to demand a better future.