Elsie Peprah

Action Fellow Alumni


Elsie Peprah is from Accra, Ghana but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s currently a sophomore at Georgia State University studying biology. Her journey against climate change began during her junior year in high school when she became aware of the dire changes in the environment and decided to do something about it. She became involved in the environmental club at her high school and through that she was introduced to ACE, and decided to get involved. She likes to read, write and cook in her leisure. Elsie cares about climate change because she believes it’s important to take care of the place she calls home, Earth. So far, she has worked with organizations such as ACE and Greening Forward in aiding to find solutions to combat climate change, she also uses every opportune chance to educate her peers about the environment. She hopes to follow this passion, while bringing awareness to those around her who are not aware.