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Delayah Vang-Hawkins

Wisconsin Action Fellow


Delayah has spent her entire life in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She comes from a big family, being the third youngest out of her nine siblings, and does her best to help her family. At Menomonee Falls High School, Delayah takes art classes and is part of the school music program as a member of the orchestra. She likes spending her time drawing and writing, and she enjoys doing fun activities with her family.

Growing up, Delayah has felt that she’s always been at a disadvantage. She doesn’t let that get her down as she stays ambitious and positive. She tries her best to believe in herself and to see a future where she can be happy. She has struggled to find what she wants to do in the future, but in the last couple of years, she has seen herself working in environmental sciences.

During her eighth grade year, Delayah learned a lot about the bleached coral reefs and the ever rapidly melting glaciers. She joined the ACE Action Fellowship because she finds herself wanting a future where she’s involved with solving the climate change crisis. She has read and heard about how much of an impact this has on people, and how climate change is having an impact on her right now and in the future. She wants to be able to help spread awareness of climate change and get others involved.