David Huang

Action Fellow Alumni

New York City

David Huang, raised in Queens, is a senior at Bard High School Early College. He is a member of his school’s recycling club, Green Team, and a part of the GreenThumb Youth Leadership Council. David has a strong passion for solving climate change because it endangers all the aspects of nature and human culture that are meaningful to him. David enjoys the outdoors so much that he would be outside all day, every day, if he could.

Climate change threatens to devastate people and places around the world, and in his own community. David wants to prevent that. He believes that the only way to create massive change is to increase awareness and unite people around the same goal. He sees young people as especially instrumental in that process. Young people are the future and with them fighting for the cause, anything is achievable. David feels the ACE Action Fellowship can help him become more active in his community and inspire more people to join this movement.

David understands that climate change is an intersectional issue and many factors contribute to it, from deforestation and fossil fuel extraction to high demands for energy. David is most excited about solutions like renewable energy because of its potential to help the economy, climate change, and human health at the same time.