Benjamin Kennedy

Action Fellow


Benjamin  “Benja” T.W Kennedy currently resides in the city limits of Madison, WI, where he is a freshman at  East High School. Benja enjoys activities such as writing, learning, drawing and cycling. Some extracurriculars Benja enjoys doing are volunteering at his local library and helping with activities set out by organizations like BCCN and Make a Wish. Climate change is important to him because he has looked at the facts and real-life examples of how climate change’s destructive potential will negatively impact every human, animal, society and culture. All are reason enough to stop what lays ahead. One of the aspects of climate justice that is most intriguing to Benja is renewable energy and green technology in general.

Benja also believes it is important for young people to join together against climate change because new generations are the ones that will be the most affected by it, and, in order to have a future for humanity and earth, we must stop climate change.