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Antemil Jorkey

Action Fellow Alumni


Antemil Jorkey is a 10th grade magnet student at Chamblee Charter High School. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has a great love for playing music, drawing, and basketball. She is also very interested in neuroscience research. Antemil cares about climate change and the future and her fellow peers. She believes mother nature is a very precious asset that all of mankind is lucky to have and that we should take care of our beautiful asset. Her interest in climate change and its effects began as a child, when she watched numerous climate change documentaries. These documentaries inspired her to take action. Currently, she recycles and does little things such as cut off lights in unoccupied rooms. Her biggest action, thus far, is joining the ACE Action Fellowship and using the Fellowship as a platform to spread awareness about climate change. She loves the Earth and plans to educate as many people as she can on climate change and its dangerous imminent effects.