Aniya Wise Charlotte

Aniya Wise

Action Fellow

North Carolina

Aniya attends Phillip.O. Berry Academy of Technology in Charlotte, NC. Aniya loves reading, listening to music, and learning. Her interests include history, technology, and science. She is looking forward to participating in the ACE Action Fellowship because it gives her the opportunity to learn about the different ways that she can help reduce climate change. 

She cares about climate change because she understands the detrimental impacts that it will have on the world if we don’t act now.  One aspect of climate activism that excites her is systemic change by our elected leaders because she understands how important it is to have the right policies in place when it comes to climate justice. In her opinion, it’s super important to get young people involved because they will be the ones to face the harmful impacts of climate change. While working as a fellow she hopes to expand her knowledge on climate change and ways that she can help reduce it.