NY amy

Amy Oliveras

Action Fellow Alumni

New York City

Currently living in Astoria, New York, Amy is a junior at Francis Lewis High School. Her motivation for climate activism was inspired by experiencing Hurricane Irene in Puerto Rico and Hurricane Sandy in New York City. This is her first time working on a campaign and she is excited to continue to work to pass Resolution 0375 in City Hall for Climate Education in K-12 New York Public Schools. As an Action Fellow with Global Kids and ACE she has participated in the International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit, the People’s Climate March, and press conferences and rallies at City Hall in New York City.

Amy is passionate about and interested in continued learning in the fields of international relations and creative writing. Amy feels that these interests are a part of who she is and aspires to be. She wants to understand how nations interact in the structures of economy, culture, and the military. She is a young published author of poetry and wants to continue growing as a creative writer.