Amirah Mc Duffey

Amira McDuffie



Amira is a freshman at John Hay Early College High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Some hobbies that Amira enjoys to pass time include doing creative makeup, reading, watching movies and gardening. She hopes to work as a veterinarian in the future. She looks forward to working with her fellow students to take steps toward making our climate healthier for today’s generation as well as generations to come. 

Amira joined ACE to learn more about climate change and to share her opinions with others. Amira aspires to educate many people on the urgency of the fight for climate change. She knows how disproportionate the effects can be as well as the limited time we have to make a change. She believes that all people young and old should educate themselves on the issue of climate change and find ways to help in their communities. The future depends on what we do in the present! Amira looks forward to sharing important conversations with her peers in the ACE community!