Abijah Gibson

North Carolina Action Fellow

North Carolina

Abijah Gibson is a senior at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School and is a participant in the NAF Engineering Academy and the Information Technology Academy. Abijah currently serves as section leader on the drumline for the Marching Bulldogs and has a passion for music. He aspires to attend North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University next year. Abijah has had several major accomplishments during his High School experience, including a trip to Washington, DC as a member of the winning team in the Congressional App Challenge. He enjoyed presenting his team’s mobile device security app to members of Congress on Capitol Hill.

Abijah has always been interested in ways to make a difference in his community through various forms of service. He cares about climate change because he understands that without proper care of the planet, life expectancy of the world won’t live up to its expectation. Abijah is mainly excited about the subject of systemic change by our elected leaders. He believes that there is a divide between government and what policies need to be addressed. If young people start taking a stand now, and encourage other youth to join them, their collective actions will have a major positive impact on the future for years to come.