One Great Idea

Last night was inspiring: I was sitting at a fancy dinner in one of San Francisco's beautiful downtown hotels, surrounded by over a hundred leaders in sustainable business. There were folks from the energy sector, retail industry, design, environmental consulting & marketing... you name it. Everyone had gathered together for's 2011 Innovation Forum, to talk about how to support sustainable business practices in their companies, regardless of their size.

Throughout the day they had speakers get up for 10 minutes to give their "One Great Idea" on how to promote better business practices. Most of the speakers were old people -- well, at least older than high school students! -- and had been in the working world for a long time. After dinner, ACE Youth Reps Shreya & Daniela got up there and told their story. Check 'em out:


At ACE, we're trying to bring students stories like this to events all around the country. This fall, we're doing public speaking trainings all around the country, in the hopes of having a total of nine trained student speakers by next semester. We know our Action Teams have stories like Shreya and Daniela's, and we can't wait to share those with the rest of the world.