Now or later...

Check out this poem written by Osa Igiede, a junior at Prospect Hill Academy in Cambridge, MA:

"Well I wrote this poem after hearing about An Inconvient Truth and seeing the movie so many times it inspired me to write something about it that kids can relate to on their own level. Because it's either we strive and do all the hard work now or suffer later when we no longer have snow on the ground."

I'm so mad
I'm so mad that people don't believe
that our world is being destroyed
till their is nothing left a null void
But this is something that can't be ignored

That so many people have died
The sun is like instant death Carbon Monoxide
There is no more need for proof
I don't care how many times you've seen an Inconvenient Truth
This isn't something to do alone
We've got this sun tearing our ozone

Don't you want to help save our home?
We've got cute polar bears clinging to ice cubes
Wind generators conducting electricity and do nothing but spin
I see solar homes and panels reach up to the sun just to soak it in
Creating energy

Then you will never be able to explain snow to your children
That your the worst
That this world will soon burst
With water from both poles

Our children may never see snow in their life time
We've committed a crime
Something we've done during our time
We've destroyed our earth
Never giving it time for rebirth

We have to stop all this carbon emission
There needs to be a National Transmission
We need help!
Or we'll be swimming with the fish searching for kelp

The time to act is now
Don't wait until its too late
Becoming water creatures is not our fate

-Osa Igiede