Melting Giants

A first in a series of guest posts by Megan McBride, Alaska Youth for Environmental Action

Alaska is like "ground zero" for climate change. We have communities literally falling into the ocean. Native cultures who rely on subsistence hunting are threatened as animals change their migration patterns.

Nationally, the average rise in temperature from 1949 - 2007 is 1.3 degrees F.  In Alaska, the average rise is 3.4 degrees F, with some regions increasing as much as 5.2 degrees F!

Teens in Alaska Youth for Environmental Action are speaking up (AYEA). This summer 20 teens from across the state came together to create poetry and digital stories about climate change and how it impacts their lives.  Check out McKenzy's story below!

McKenzy Haber from Homer Alaska shares his connection to glaciers and offers a reason to take action.

AYEA is a statewide network of teens that take action on environmental issues they care about. Our program empowers young people to impact vital environmental health and justice issues through skills training, visible action projects and campaigns, and workforce development. Find out more at

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