LA Lakers Point Guard shares his DOT

Ever see an ACE Educator dunk with an NBA Champ? Me neither... until now! LA Lead Educator Ethan Burke stopped by former LA Laker Jordan Farmar's Summer Camp - "Hoop Farm" - to give a presentation and shoots some hoops with the champ.

This video - part 1 of Ethan's visit - is Farmar's DOT - his Do One Thing to help the environment and cool the climate. Check it out:


The week-long camp is for ballers 8 - 18 years old and has an amazing focus: teach students about basketball, yes, but also teach them about life. Every day, the students start with yoga, get nutrition lessons, talk about the power of their minds and imaginations, and of course, work on their jump shot.

Keep a look out for part two to see Ethan and Jordan defy gravity.